Particularly in Cumbria existing buildings tend to be old and projects are not easily pigeonholed into niche areas such as Green Design or Conservation work. Each provides the opportunity to release a potential that will help to guarantee its future.  Either working on an ancient shell or a contemporary new build each requires a respect of materials and techniques which will not compromise the future enjoyment and longevity of the building or the environment.


Wherever possible existing buildings should be reused in creative and exciting ways. With a practical approach to sustainable design and conservation all projects can feature contemporary designs combining high levels of insulation, traditional materials and new building technology.


Ashton Design works with clients in a step-by-step process providing sketch proposals and 3D visualisation to illustrate ideas as the design progresses. Working closely with Planning Departments Ashton Design has a near perfect success rate with planning applications and will not encourage clients to enter applications unless they have a good chance of approval.